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Experiential Learning

Through recreation with purpose, our campers learn in a context of fun, where the conditions are created so that each camper can make better use of their gifts and talents.

Character Development and Leadership Skills

Our program is based on experiencing values and principles.
Each experiential, teamwork and reflection activity is designed so that students can develop their potential through perseverance and constant effort…

Native Coaches

Our team members are native speakers, specially trained to guide our campers in discovering their identity and to generate strong bonds of trust and respect.


Through service, each camper can put their gifts and talents into action and benefit others. This is how an impact and a transformation are generated in the environment itself, in the community and in our nation.

Teacher training

Teachers receive free training on specific strategies and practices of classroom leadership and group management at our camps. The goal is to generate the ideal learning conditions in order to impact their students



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